Experienced technology to meet customers specific requirements.

Dongyue Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in1990, with over ten years of composite production experience and advanced technology, dedicated to new material, technique and series of products research and development.

Our products scope ranges five series: Composite Auto Parts, Water-treatment and Water-storage Products, Terminal Equipments of Central Air-conditioning, Novel Environment-friendly Construction Material, Air Purification Products. Main equipments include: large SMC molding flow production lines, 100 to 2000-ton four-column hydraulic presses, South Korean Resin Transfer Molding technology production lines, color coating resin production lines, testing laboratories and FRP winding & pultrusion production lines. Our products mostly adopt machine progressive forming process, with high degree of automation and precision of control, which has greatly enhanced the production efficiency compared to the traditional manual molding technology. Our FPR production capacity achieves 30 tons per day.

Environmental protection and innovation is our tenet. Environmental protection: First, on factory construction, in order to be environmental protection and energy-saving, we maximize the utility value of the construction area. Apart from the road way and green belts, the production area left all serves as workshops and warehouses. To be human oriented, all the workshops have been equipped with ventilation system, which have greatly improved the working environment and strengthened the labor health and safety protection. Second, on waste treatment, we endeavor to achieve zero-discharge of the waste FRP material by the retrieve and recycle procedure, and try our best to reduce pollution to benefit posterity. Innovation: on products R&D, we concentrate our effort on high-tech, new process and method machine-molding products, and endeavor to expand the FRP novel material to a new application frontier to achieve the goal that we have what others don’t have, and have the latest while others have the common. We have a staff of 320, including 22 senior engineers and 45 intermediate engineers. The management staff all possess bachelor’s degree or above, with an average age of 33 years old. It is a team of vigor and vitality, sharing the same ideal. They have novel thinking and don’t stick to old ways; they have broad vision and a strong sense of mission, stand high and aim far; they plug away at the improvement of the products and the R&D of novel technology, full of passion. With such a creative young team,we have full confidence to build an innovative company.

Ethics to a business is what morality to a man. It is our eternal persuit to stick to the principal of integrity and quality first and strenuously developing highly advanced and sophisticated technology. We hope to achieve common development on the basis of reciprocity and mutual benefit, make a good brand with a good faith. We welcome friends from all countries with great sincereness and best service.