Duct Rodder

Duct rodder, also called conduit rodder and cable rodder, are make of fiberglass rod inside and ABS coating outside. Sometimes, copper wire or steel wire is required inside the fiberglass rod. The fiberglass rod are stored in steel frame.

The duct rodder can be classified into three kinds: wheeled duct rodder, portable duct rodder and fish tape. FRP duct rodder is an ideal tool for underground jobs such as pulling cables and lines through conduits, tubes, pipes or ducts. For its high tensile strength, wear-resistant surface and elastic body, it is widely used in the fields of telecommunication, electric power, water conservancy, etc.

There are several sets of duct rodders with wheeled frame.
The 8-16 mm diameter duct rodder are commonly put in wheeled frame.
There are four sets of small duct rodder with portable frame on the ground.
4-7 mm diameter duct rodder always use portable frame to keep small weight.
Duct rodder specification
Item Rod diameter Rod length Mini bending radius Suitable conduit diameter Pulling strength
DR-4 4 mm 50-600 m 60 mm 13 mm 800 N
DR-5 5 mm 50-600 m 76 mm 13-32 mm 890 N
DR-6 6 mm 50-600 m 127 mm 25-64 mm 1557 N
DR-7 7 mm 50-600 m 152 mm 38-64 mm 2530 N
DR-8 8 mm 50-600 m 178 mm 38-102 mm 4226 N
DR-9 9 mm 50-600 m 220 mm 64-102 mm 4226 N
DR-10 10 mm 50-600 m 250 mm 76-102 mm 4226 N
DR-11 11 mm 50-600 m 280 mm 76-152 mm 4226 N
DR-12 12 mm 50-600 m 280 mm 76-152 mm 5120 N
DR-13 13 mm 50-600 m 280 mm 76-203 mm 6227 N
DR-14 14 mm 50-600 m 300 mm ≥ 203 mm 8240 N
DR-15 15 mm 50-600 m 300 mm ≥ 203 mm 8240 N
DR-16 16 mm 50-600 m 400 mm ≥ 203 mm 8240 N
DR-18 18 mm 50-600 m 400 mm ≥ 203 mm 8240 N
There is a solid rubber wheel on the ground.
The solid rubber wheel can walk in grass, dirt and gravel and so on.
There is a yellow and black color fish tape on the ground.
The fish tape are commonly used in house wall cable laying.
There is several cartons protecting the duct rodder from breaking.
We use carton package for small size duct rodders.
There is a wooden case on the ground.
We can also provide wooden case package according to customer’s requirements.
It shows the nine step of duct rodder production.
We have advanced machinery and can finish all the steps of production.
It shows the duct rodder carton package, plastic belt packing and container loading.
We will arrange suitable packing for different mode of transportation.

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