FRP Cable Pipe

FRP cable pipe is the cable protection device for the buried electricity and communication cables when they have the outside pressure or collision. It is widely used in power cable projects, electrical power transmission and substation projects, telecommunication and optic cable line projects, sea(river)-crossing projects, aviation airport, road and bridge transportation and industrial parks cable projects, underground cable projects for municipal construction; Also be used for civil and industrial water distribution, sewage disposal etc.

FRP cable protection pipe, glass fiber reinforced material, with the unsaturated resin bonded molding, compression and strong, light weight, wall smooth, thin coefficient of friction small, easy to wear cable does not damage cables.

To move, transport, steel and cement than the metal pipe easy and convenient. Construction and installation is simple, they both save trouble and effort.

Strong corrosion resistance, insulation, non-magnetic, acid, alkali-resistant, flame retardant, anti-static.

Modulus looked good, completely solve the metal pipe perishable, non-distortion characteristics of flexibility, but also overcome the plastic pipe easy to aging, lack of impact is weak.

Water resistance, and can be long-term use in wet or water is not degenerate.

Since the specific properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the glass tube life of 50 years or more.

Easy construction, in the repair-specific projects, efficiency is especially prominent, is the power cable engineering, communications cable, municipal engineering and road laying underground cables ideal protection device.

Cable across the river, the bridge is most appropriate to use.

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