Gully Cover

Load flat steel and bars with certain distances arranged in high-pressure are welded by resistance welding machine into original plate, then cutting, incision, opening and edging the original plate to form Gully Cover. A variety of models to choose to suit different load and span requirements.

1. Flat steel: material is Q235A or stainless steel, there are Ordinary planar, non-slip gear type and section I type. Common specifications are 20mm×5mm、25mm×5mm、25mm×3mm、32mm×5mm、32mm×5mm、40mm×5mm、40mm×3mm、50mm×5mm、65mm×5mm、75mm×6mm、100mm×8mm、100mm×10mm and so on.
2. Bar: the round, twisted square steel, square or hexagonal steel made of Q235A, or 304 stainless steel. Twisted square steel is made by the rod drawing and twisting, the common specifications are 5mm×5mm, 6mm×6mm, 8mm×8mm and so on.

Features of Gully Cover

  • High strength, light structure, solid mesh Press-locked structure, high bearing, easy loading and other features.
  • Beautiful appearance, durable:Hot-dip zinc surface treatment so has very good corrosion resistance, surface gloss appearance.
  • Ventilation, lighting, cooling, explosion-proof, non-slip performance.
  • Optimized Draining Design: Water draining area amounts up to 83.3%, which is equal to twice of the cast iron product. No accumulation of dirt, rain, snow and water, self-cleaning, easy to maintain.
  • Anti-thief gully cover, the angle frame is cast in reinforced concrete, and then put steel grating into the angle frame.
  • High Strength: Much higher strength and ductility than cast iron and applicable to environments of large span and heavy load such as docks and airports, etc.
  • Various Types: Can meet different environment, load, span and shape requirements, and can be customized based on provided size and shape.

Gully Cover Load Table:

  • Pressure: Light: 25 tons /㎡
  • Heavy: 70 t /㎡
  • Super Heavy: 140 tons /㎡

The scope of gully cover:

Light: Car, pedestrians on campus, residential parks, park, underground parking and kitchen.
Heavy: Below 20 tons car-free plant, the general road, trunk road, parking and streets.
Super Heavy: Trunk roads of Heavy-duty trailer, container cranes and aircraft; Large parking lot, mines, docks and airports.

Application:Widely used in municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, sports management and other different places.

  • Steel grating gully cover can be used in the sidewalk, driveway, patio or the building ground, as the ditch, pipe trenches, underground passage, air shaft, light wells, manholes and other cover.
  • Steel grating gully cover is usually composed of fixed frame and activities steel grating cover. The frame can also be produced on site, and the cover provided by the manufacturer.
  • Steel grating gully cover can be used in roads, parks and other municipal facilities, as water wells, lower wells, water wells.

Surface treatment:Cold galvanized, hot-dip galvanizing, paint, plastic coated, etc.

Gully cover types:

(1)According to the different materials, gully cover is divided into hot-dip zinc gully cover and stainless steel gully cover.
(2)According to the different shape, gully cover can be divided into common type gully cover, u-type gully cover, pipe cover and anti-thief gully cover.
Common type gully cover is steel grating.
Pipe trench cover is the steel grating side package with steel pipe.
U-type gully cover is the steel grating side package with angle bar.
Anti-thief gully cover, the angle frame is cast in reinforced concrete, and then put steel grating into the angle frame.

Gully cover specifications and installation instructions:

  • Gully cover flat steel direction is load-bearing direction, and flat steel length is gully cover width plus the leaving space .
  • Gully cover length, processing module standard width 995mm, leaving space between the plates 5mm;
  • The remaining length less than 1 meter is fixed by modulus size.
  • According to the gully width and load to choose steel grating model;
  • Recommended to select standard size for design and construction, and other specifications can be customized.


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