Installation Instructions for Septic Tanks


Allow enough clearance around the tank to properly place and compact back-fill around the tank.
Bedding should be well-compacted sand/gravel mixture, 6” minimum in soil terrain and 12” minimum in rock terrain, Shape bedding to suite underside of tank.

Placing the tank

Prior to placing tank check for shipping damage Ensure that the tank is level with respect to Inlet & Outlet, before starting to backfill.

Back - filling

Install manway cap, and cover open pipe connections prior to back-filling.
CAUTION: Lid must be kept in place during and after installation to avoid possible manway distortion.

Tank must be buried in Pea Gravel, surrounding the tank, as per drawing Back-fill in 12” maximum layers of pea gravel.
Important: Ensure back-fill is properly placed around the tank.

During installation of the tank

Check leveling of tank periodically during back filling. Back-fill and install manway extension (if any) to the surrounding grade level. Refer to drawing.

Pipe connections

Make solvent weld pipe connections to pre-plumbed tank only when tank is firmly secured and unlikely to shift during remaining back-filling.

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