GRP Water Storage Tanks

Also called FRP water storage tank, SMC water tank, fiberglass water tank, GRP panel water tank, GRP or FRP assembly water tank.

GRP panel water storage tank, an internationally advanced type, is assembled with hi-qualified SMC water-tank plates. With foodstuff-grade resin as its materials, it can protect water well from pollution. The tank is strong, light, beautiful, longlived, corrosion resistant and easy for maintenance. It is widely used for industrial and mineral companies and social organizations, houses, hotels, etc as water storage mount for residential water, water treatment, fire water, and so on.

SMC combined fiberglass-reinforced plastics tank is combined at site with SMC die pressure plates, sealing materials, metal pieces and pipe system, which makes design and building more convenient. We can not only offer standard designed tanks but also special ones according to customers' requirements. We can assemble 0.125~1500 liter water tanks according to customers' requirements. If your old tank needs changing, out product is an optimal one for its good adaptability. Our specially produced sealing belt has no toxicant but good water resistant performance, excellent elasticity, little deformation, stable sealing performance. The whole tank has a high strength without leakage or deformation and is easy to repair and maintenance.

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